UX Bootcamp General Assembly London

I just came back from a 2 day UX Bootcamp at General Assembly London. I’ve been meaning to attend a workshop on UX. After working with designers and strategists from Fuseproject and IDEO in my last role, I got curious what UX and ‘Design Thinking’ is all about. There’s also something about ‘Customer Journeys’ and ‘User Personas’ that evoke film school and brings out the storyteller in me.

I first came across GA when looking for a Digital Marketing Course online a few months back. When I booked the UX Bootcamp, my intent was to get a high-level knowledge of UX and the workshop gave me exactly that – a map I can use to learn and test further.

We also made a prototype of an alarm clock app and working in a group and actually going through the UX Design process was a great (and fun) way to learn it. I realised how fun it is to be in a classroom setting again and collaborating with a team in real life – I’ve been working online too long!

Here are my key takeaways from General Assembly’s UX Bootcamp:

1. Have a map of the UX process which for me looks like this.

2. Learning the different UX tools and when and how to apply them:

User Persona, Competitive Landscape, User Interviews, Customer Journey, User Flows, Wireframe, Prototype, User Testing, Analytics, A/B Testing, etc

3. Seeing the design process at work by building an actual app prototype. Our team came up with an alarm clock for commuters app.

4. I learned about T-shaped designers and I think my vertical skill is definitely research and storytelling.

All in all, I think the 2-day Bootcamp was a good investment and will definitely be valuable in my marketing role. My mind is already racing on how I can apply the UX process in our current campaigns and daily activities.

If you’re a business owner, marketer, product or project manager who want to have a high-level knowledge of UX, this course is highly recommended! But if you’re considering a career as a UX Designer, their full time or part-time course is probably more suitable.

Lia Wilson

I help SaaS companies launch and scale digital products and implement sustainable growth strategies that are data-driven, customer centric and holistic in approach. A passionate storyteller with a degree and early career in Film and Television, I combine right-brain creativity with left-brain execution to craft compelling campaigns that bring brand stories to life.