Social Media Marketing Trends for 2019

The social media landscape is continuously evolving and for a lot of digital marketers, social media is still the best channel to engage with customers organically and in real time.

Below are 5 Social Media Marketing practice for 2019. These are based on personal observations while curating digital contents for a SaaS brand, and insights from the recent Social Media Week London.

Social media is becoming overly saturated with sponsored contents. It’s annoying and disruptive and this perception can’t be good for any brand.

Users don’t go on Facebook or Twitter to buy. The more that brands can emulate how an actual person is on social, the less disruptive it will be to the user’s experience.

An example of how your brand can be more ‘human’ is by posting photos of your team and your office in the context of your message vs just using graphics or (worse) stock images. Using photos is a great way to put a face on your brand and connect with your audience on a human level.

Another way is using humour. We go to social media to be entertained – finding a sweet spot between keeping your audience entertained whilst still keeping within your brand voice is the challenge. Some companies find that using memes works for them, this may not be applicable for all, but the idea is to try innovative and find creative ways to say your message.

Social Media Week London 2018

Videos still prove to be the most engaging content across all social channels. But as audience’s attention span gets shorter, so should videos. Ideally no more than 60 seconds (this is the limit for Instagram videos) and it goes without saying – it must be engaging. Who wants to watch another outdated text animation?

The world may be changing at a speed of light but one thing has stayed with us through ages – our affinity to listen to stories.

By storytelling, I’m not referring to Facebook or Instagram stories, but finding a way of telling your message through a story.

The most successful story follows an archetypal story pattern:

We see a lot of motivational videos on how successful people start out from nothing or rise up from a very hard difficulty and these stories draw us in because we empathise with the ‘hero’. It inspires us to know that other people have overcome massive failures and reach great heights- and it gives us hope we can be the same.

Brands can be creative in their messaging and use stories instead of the usual status post. An example would be featuring customer stories on how their product or service have made a difference in their customer’s lives, team stories or an ‘About Us’ story showing how your company started.

Be in the mindset that you are building a community versus selling. Build a community around your brand where your audience can interact with you and other customers. Not only is this helpful in engaging your audience in a 2-way conversation but a great way to solicit user’s insights for product and business development.

Social media is open 24/7 and your audience expects a response instantly. At the same time, curate post around current events that are timely to spark conversation and increase engagement.

The 5 points above can be summed up in one key message: interact with your audience on a more human level.

As our day-to day lives become more and more digital, the more we seek digital experiences that are more intuitive and human.

Lia Wilson

I help SaaS companies launch and scale digital products and implement sustainable growth strategies that are data-driven, customer centric and holistic in approach. A passionate storyteller with a degree and early career in Film and Television, I combine right-brain creativity with left-brain execution to craft compelling campaigns that bring brand stories to life.